issue 3.34 (Winter 2018)

A special issue on “the work of words” guest-edited by Emmanuelle Andrews and Katrina Sellinger. Issue 3.34 took as its starting point the 2017 Shadbolt Lecture “The Work of Words,” an onstage dialogue between Dionne Brand, Christina Sharpe, and David Chariandy sponsored by the Writer in Residence Program of the Department of English at Simon Fraser University. Look forward to an edited excerpt from this conversation as well as poetry by Sonnet L’Abbé, Aisha Sasha John, Ian Williams, Joy Gyamfi, Caleb Femi, and David Bradford; short fiction by Wayde Compton, Canisia Lubrin, and Lila Bristol; a collaboration between Lucia Lorenzi and Juliane Okot Bitek; a conversation with Deanna Bowen and Cecily Nicholson; and artwork by Jalen Frizzell and Marika Yeo.

333 Cover.png

issue 3.33 (Fall 2017)

An open issue edited by Catriona Strang, features fresh new writing from Sria Chatterjee, Liz Howard, Reg Johanson, Angela Jennifer Lopes, Jordan Abel, Kevin Davies, Daphne Marlatt, Annie Ross, Roger Farr, Lise Downe, and Brian Dedora, a collaboration between Ted Byrne & Kim Minkus, artwork by Edgar Heap of Birds, Angela Teng, and Michelle Sylliboy, as well as a special thirstDays folio, featuring documentation from the monthly series and a conversation between curators Elisa Ferrari, Tarah Hogue, and Jayce Salloum. All of this plus Christine Riek's winning entry to TCR’s 7th annual Robin Blaser competition, judged by Wayde Compton, and responses by Colin Smith, Julie Joosten and Colin Browne.

3.32 cover.png

Issue 3.32 (Summer 2017)

An issue on 'polymorphous translation' edited by Catriona Strang and Ted Byrne, features an interview with Jean-Christophe Cloutier, Lisa Robertson's translations of Pascal Poyet, Steve Savage’s translations of Louis Cabri, Reitha Pattison's translations of the Comtessa de Dia, new works by Sonnet L’Abbé, Renée Sarojini Saklikar, Anne Tardos and others, critical writings and reviews by David Marriott, Anahita Jamali Rad and Danielle LaFrance, the winning entry of our 'Translate & Transform' contest and visual works by Deborah Koenker, Charlene Vickers, Rachelle Sawatsky and Tiziana La Melia. 


Issue 3.31 (Winter 2017)

An open issue that contains no nostalgia, guest-edited by listen chen, features work by Christopher Tubbs, Andrea Abi-Karam, Ambient Asian Space, Shane Book, Jamil Jan Kochai, Ya-Wen Ho, sidony o'neal, Lee Lai, Bug Cru, Raymond de Borja, Gwen Benaway, Afuwa, Dion Kaszas, Eli Howey, Jennie Duguay, Kai Rajala, Natasha Gauthier, Juliane Okot Bitek, Jennif(f)er Tamayo, José Vadi, Stacey Ho, Caroline Szpak, Kai Cheng Thom, Carmen Faye Mathes, Cam Scott, and Samantha Nock. 

3.30 cover.png

issue 3.30 (Fall 2016)

A 'burning house' issue edited by Andrea Actis, features work by Hannah Black, listen chen, Jordan Abel, Oki Sogumi, Maged Zaher, Sarah Riggs, Jen Currin, and many others; artwork by sab meynert, Ahmad Salaj, Trevor Shikaze, and Winnie T. Frick; and review essays by David Geary, Natalie Knight, and angela semple. The issue also includes kevin martins mcpherson eckhoff’s and Monroe Lawrence’s (tied!) winning entries to TCR’s Sixth Annual Robin Blaser Poetry Award competition, judged by Aisha Sasha John.


issue 3.29 (Summer 2016)

A collaboration between The Capilano Review and Presentation House Gallery, 'Eye to Eye' features close to fifty writers responding to exactly thirty-five photographs curated from the collection of Andrew Gruft and Claudia Beck. Presented as part of PHG's recent exhibition Eye to Eye, the photographs, books, and media art by historical and contemporary artists range from iconic vintage prints and photography books to recent photographic and moving picture works. With contributors invited to "play the part of the dramaturge, the essayist, the poet, the historian, the critic, or the jester," what we offer here is a (very) special issue decidedly stranger and differently illuminating from your standard exhibition catalogue.

With photographs by Henri Cartier-Bresson, Richard Learoyd, Daido Moriyama, Helen Levitt, Richard Maynard, Miroslav Tichý, Aaron Siskind, Robert Capa, Omar Victor Diop, Garry Winogrand, Xavier Miserachs, Otto Steinert, Hiroshi Watanabe, Lynne Cohen, August Sander, Robert Frank, Mike Grill, Scott McFarland, Eikoh Hosoe and Yukio Mishima, Michael Morris, Eugène Atget, Agustí Centelles, Katy Grannan, Stephen Waddell, Raymonde April, Peter Hujar, Bruce Davidson, Al McWilliams, Christos Dikeakos, Kevin Madill, and Anne Collier.

3.28 cover.png

Issue 3.28 (winter 2016)

An open issue that coheres around chance-based art practices, the politics and aesthetics of queerness, documentary poetics, DIY print culture, and bubbles! It features artwork by Meryl McMaster, Candice Lin, and Joren Eulalee; interviews with new-music composer Marek Poliks and art-book publisher Jo Cook (of Perro Verlag press on Mayne Island, BC); and new writing by CAConrad, Jos Charles, Jasmine Gibson, Trish Salah, Catriona Strang, Mercedes Eng, Rhoda Rosenfeld, Vivek Shraya, Juliane Okot Bitek, Donato Mancini, Douglas Walbourne-Gough, and many others.

3.27 cover.png

issue 3.27 (fall 2015)

Issue 3.27 began as an open issue and somehow became both a bestiary and a beautiful-angry record of recent times and tensions in North American cultural politics. The issue features artwork by Ruth Cuthand, William Kentridge (in collaboration with poet Ingrid de Kok), Myfanwy MacLeod, and David Ogilvie; interviews with poets Dorothy Trujillo Lusk and Gustave Morin; and many other voices old and new: George Elliott Clarke, Hoa Nguyen, Chris Nealon, Cecily Nicholson, Natalie Knight, Colin Smith, Cam Scott, Tim Terhaar, Cole Swensen, and Gracie Leavitt (to name a few). The issue also features Natalie Helberg's winning entry to The Capilano Review's 5th Annual Robin Blaser Award, reviews of Juliana Spahr, Nikki Reimer, and Enrique Vila-Matas, texts and pictures in memory of the beloved poet Peter Culley, and new translations by Erín Moure of Bolivian poets Emma Villazón and Andrés Ajens. 

3.26 cover.png

Issue 3.26 (Spring 2015)

A special issue on “Pacific Poetries” featuring work that takes up Pacific regional environments and poetics, trans-Pacific migration and geopolitics, and more. The issue features a series of short conversations and collaborations between writers and artists from Vancouver to LA to Sydney to Seoul; poems and video stills from Fred Wah and Nicola Harwood’s project “High Muck a Muck” on Chinese immigration to Canada; artwork by Sonny Assu, Henry Tsang, Cindy Mochizuki, and Hong Kong-based Map Office; New Zealand-based Lisa Samuels’s folio of work from Pacific Oceania; and new texts by Jordan Abel, Rae Armantrout, Roger Farr, Jen Hofer, Ya-Wen Ho, Glen Lowry, Daphne Marlatt, Garry Thomas Morse, Vaughan Rapatahana, Renee Saklikar, and many others.

3.25 cover.png

Issue 3.25 (winter 2015)

Soma Feldmar’s conversation with Robin Blaser; a “Rhythm Party” folio curated by Aisha Sasha John and Liz Howard that investigates the poetics of hospitality and includes the work of Lisa Robertson, Orlando Reade, Mat Laporte, and many more; Gordon Smith’s black and white paintings; Wayne Ngan’s ceramics; Erdem Tasdelen’s visual investigations of left-handedness; and performance documentation by Tiziana La Melia; plus new poems by Nicole Markotic, Jake Pam Dick, Elee Kraljii Gardiner, Broc Rossell, and much more.

3.24 cover.png

Issue 3.24 (Fall 2014)

A special issue on George Bowering. Read Colin Browne's conversation with Bowering about the 50 titles he would stock a library with, architect Sacha Milojevic's design for a George Bowering Reading Room, and contributions from Margaret Atwood, Fred Wah, Steve McCaffery, Daphne Marlatt, Meredith Quartermain, Kevin Killian, Karl Siegler, Miriam Nichols, Deanna Fong, and many more.

3.23 cover.png

issue 3.23 (spring 2014)

The LANGUAGES issue features over 50 contributors with new work by Jordan Abel, Rachel Zolf, Christian Bök, Erín Moure, George Stanley, and many others; a conversation between Christopher Butterfield and Donna Zapf about language, music, and translation; a conversation between Colin Browne and Ian Wallace about poems by Guillaume Apollinaire and Blaise Cendrars that refer to Vancouver; text-based art from Allyson Clay, Cathy Busby, Garry Neill Kennedy, Rebecca Brewer, and Margaux Williamson.

3.22 cover.png

issue 3.22 (winter 2014)

Sheila Heti interviewed by Thea Bowering; a story by Sheila Heti; Adam Frank's scenario of a Gertrude Stein play with comments from Dorothy Chang about her accompanying score; artwork by Margaux Williamson, Ruth Scheuing, Lyndl Hall, and Deborah Koenker; poems by Cecilia Corrigan, Mark Goldstein, and Paul Nelson; and a section for Nancy Shaw featuring Nancy Shaw, Amy De'Ath, and Louis Cabri.

3.21 cover.png

Issue 3.21 (fall 2013)

Poems by Sina Queyras, rob mclennan, Sylvia Legris, and others; a short story by George Bowering: Robert McTavish's interview with Charles Bernstein on Charles Olson and the Vancouver Poetry Conference 1963; images and text from Michael Turner's guest-curated show "A Postcard from Victoria" including work by Geoffrey Farmer, Julia Freyer, Raymond Boisjoly, and others; and poems and scores from Michael Park and Ray Hsu's Art Song Lab.

3.20 cover.png

issue 3.20 (spring 2013)

Louis Cabri’s interview with Roy Miki, a special section of work from Quebec and Acadia in translation featuring Daniel Canty, France Daigle, Erín Moure, Chantal Neveu, and others, new poetry by Lise Downe, Ted Byrne, and Christine Stewart, artwork by Mina Totino and Perry Eaton, and more.

3.19 cover.png

Issue 3.19 The Narrative issue (winter 2013)

Features Susan Holbrook's interview with Nicole Brossard, artwork by Kyla Mallett, and short fiction, prose poems, excerpts from experimental novels, and more from derek beaulieu, Clint Burnham, Bhanu Kapil, Nicole Markotic, Vanessa Place, Meredith Quartermain, Sina Queyras, Gail Scott, Michael Turner, and many others.

3.18 cover.png

Issue 3.18 (Fall 2012)

Features art by Marian Penner Bancroft and Fran Herndon; poems by George Stanley, Jeff Derksen, Jane Sprague, David Buuck, and others; librettos featured the Opera Project; Sean Howard's winning entry to the Robin Blaser Poetry contest, and more.

3.17 cover.png

Issue 3.17 40th Anniversary (spring 2012)

Featuring writers and artists from TCR's first decade along with their selection of new and emerging writers and artists.

3.16 cover.png

Issue 3.16 ecologies (winter 2012)

Art by Raymond Boisjoly, Gu Xiong, Germaine Koh & Gillian Jerome; writing by Jonathan Skinner, Liz Howard, a.rawlings, Christian Bok, The Enpipe Line Collective, Larissa Lai, Eleni Sikelianos, and others.

3.15 cover.png

Issue 3.15 (Fall 2011)

Ted Byrne's interview with Lisa Robertson, Robert Keziere's photographs of Geoffrey Smedley's studio on Gambier Island, a selection of Robert Young's works, a tribute to Robert Kroetsch, Jake Kennedy's winning entry to the Robin Blaser Poetry Contest, and more.

3.14 cover.png

Issue 3.14 The George Stanley issue (spring 2011)

Brook Houglum and Jenny Penberthy interview George Stanley.
Essays by Beverly Dahlen, Kevin Killian, Meredith Quartermain, and more.
Poems by George Bowering, Steve Collis, Lisa Jarnot, Michael Turner, and more.

3.13 cover.png

Issue 3.13 (winter 2011)

Manifestos from Christian Bök, Steve McCaffery, Kim Minkus, Jeff Derksen, derek beaulieu, and others. Manifesto fiction by Marie-Hélène Tessier. 
Artists Sabine Bitter & Helmut Weber present visual manifestos. 
Margot Leigh Butler and UBC Humanities 101 tell us what Downtown Eastsiders Want.

3.12 cover.png

Issue 3.12 (Fall 2010)

Andrea Actis interviews Susan Bee & Charles Bernstein about their BC sojourn in the 1970s. 
Bernstein & Bee’s early writing and art produced in Ruskin, BC. 
New fiction by Meredith Quartermain and new poems by Nicole Brossard and Erìn Moure.  

3.11 cover.png

Issue 3.11 poets theatre (spring 2010)

Brook Houglum interviews a.rawlings.
An essay by Adam Seelig, poets theatre by Paolo Javier, Christine Leclerc, Joseph Shragge, and others.

3.10 cover.png

Issue 3.10 (winter 2010)

Colin Browne interviews Christos Dikeakos
Reg Johanson interviews Marie Annharte Baker
Essays by Efrat El-Hanany and Christopher Pearson.
Poems by Donato Mancini, Lisa Robertson, Fenn Stewart, and others.

3.9 cover.png

issue 3.9 (fall 2009)

Remembering Robin Blaser (1925-2009)
An Interview with Ralph Maud about Charles Olson; an interview with Ellen Tallman.
An excerpt from Robert Duncan’s The H.D. Book, Book Three, intro by Victor Coleman and Michael Boughn.
Peter Quartermain’s intro to Robert Duncan’s Early Poems.


issue 3.8 moodyville (spring 2009)

Co-produced with Presentation House Gallery

Multiple perspectives on the history and culture of North Vancouver. Michael Turner on Malcolm Lowry, Gary Geddes on the Second Narrows Bridge, Daphne Marlatt on her North Van childhood, Robert Kleyn on North Van Modernist architecture.


issue 3.7 less is more: the poetics of erasure (Winter 2009)

Co-produced with SFU Gallery

Featuring essays by Clint Burnham, Bill Jeffries, and Ariana Kelly.
Erasures by Tom Phillips, Louis Cabri, Aaron Vidaver, Kristina Lee Podesva, Oana Avasilichioaei, and more.


issue 3.6 (Fall 2008)

Roger Farr interviews Louis Cabri.
Sharla Sava interviews Damian Moppett + Paintings from the Summer of 2008.
Poems by Lissa Wolsak, Sina Queyras, Mark Wallace.


3.5 the sharon these issue (spring 2008)

Daphne Marlatt interviews Sharon Thesen.
Essays by Colin Browne, Ted Byrne, Andrew Klobucar, and others.
Poems by George Bowering, Roo Borson, Robin Blaser, and others.


3.4 collaborations (winter 2008)

Andrew Klobucar & Jenny Penberthy interview Tom Cone.
Songs from song room.
Video by Hadley+Maxwell.
Poems by Larissa Lai & Rita Wong, and others.


3.3 (fall 2007)

Marian Penner Bancroft’s photographs from Paris Streets.
Poetry by Jon Paul Fiorentino, Peter Culley, Angela Carr, Joy Russell, and others.


3.1&2 the capilano college issue (winter & spring 2007)

TCR editors talk about the history of the magazine.
Writing and art by Capilano faculty: John Dixon, Dwight Gardiner, Reid Gilbert, Nancy Shaw, John Pass, Pierre Coupey, Anne Stone, Rita Wong.

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