Issue 3.41

Summer 2020

Let’s plant everything that’s still here: the English language,
a few conspiracies, overtime hours, computer keys.
Let’s see what the dirt can do with them yet.

—Liam Siemens

Issue 3.41 (Summer 2020) believes “the world should be touched differently” (Maged Zaher). With short fiction by Sheung-King; new poetry from Liam SiemensMaged Zaher, Andrea Actis, Mercedes Eng, and our two Robin Blaser Poetry Contest winners, Conyer Clayton and Bardia Sinaee. On the occasion of the re-issuing of Scott’s 1987 book Heroine, Meredith Quartermain and Gail Scott discuss prose form and the need to perpetually reinvent it; Number 3 Gallery, Julia Lamare, and Emily Dundas Oke reflect on their residency at Access Gallery’s PLOT space and consider the circle as an organizing method; Andrea Javor aka Mystic Sandwich approaches “unknowing” as a doorway to the future through astrological notes for an apocalypse. The artwork in this issue considers the garden as a site of intimacy and sense-making with contributions by the collective Garden Don’t Care, Megan Hepburn’s Cracher Dans La Soupe Parfum alongside perfume responses by S F Ho, Erica Holt, and Kaylin Pearce, and photography by Tom Hsu. Our see to see— review section features Stephen Collis on Roger Farr’s I Am a City Still But Soon I Shan’t Be, Jake Byrne on Aja Moore’s hotwheel, Natalie Podaima on Heather Christle’s The Crying Book, and Jami Macarty on Miriam Nichols’s A Literary Biography of Robin Blaser.

Cover: Garden Don’t Care, Pattern of Pears, 2020, mixed media, dimensions variable
Cover: Garden Don’t Care, Pattern of Pears, 2020, mixed media, dimensions variable

Editor's Note

The Whole World Rushes In

Six Poems

Four Poems

Three Poems

garden flocks holding bunch, loop hole hanging

Pattern of Pears

Deeping Yellows

from my yt mama

In Conversation: I call this last stage "writing over the top"

you never get to the end of a circle

Future History: No New Normal (Astrology Notes for an Apocalypse)

Review of I Am a City Still But Soon I Shan't Be by Roger Farr

Review of hotwheel by Aja Moore

Review of The Crying Book by Heather Christle

Review of A Literary Biography of Robin Blaser: Mechanic of Splendor by Miriam Nichols

COVER: Pattern of Pears, 2020, mixed media, dimensions variable

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