Summer 2017

ti-TCR | 17

Translate and Transform

Edited by Catriona Strang, ti-TCR 17 features contest entries to The Capilano Review‘s 2017 “Translate and Transform” contest, which invited participants to intervene in a state document of their choice.


With contributions by:

Corey Abell
Bridget Baldwin
Jonathan Bessette
Jordan Bolay
Cathie Borrie
Lee-Anne Broadbent
Sidney Brunet
Aidan Chafe
Christine Gwynn
Sean Howard
Kassandra Jabalee
Sherry Johnson
Rayya Liebich
Breagh MacDonald
Bruno Neiva
Geoffrey Nilson
Melany Nugent-Noble
Jim Smith
Marissa Trarback
Avery Tuck
Aimee Virick
Grant Wilkins

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