ti-TCR is a web folio published by The Capilano Review.

SMALL CAPS is a multimedia chapbook series published by The Capilano Review.


ti-TCR | 1

George Stanley: Selected TCR Poems

ti-TCR | 3

ti-TCR number three | winter 2012 features work by Al Neil and Carol Itter reprinted from TCR 2.1 (Fall 1989).

ti-TCR | 4

Tom Cone: Words for Music edited by Jenny Penberthy

ti-TCR | 5

"Everything is Deep Enough" | Pierre Coupey at Seventy edited by Aurelea Mahood

ti-TCR | 6

In Response to the Narrative Issue (TCR 3.19) edited by Aurelea Mahood

ti-TCR | 40th Anniversary Folio

ti-TCR's 40th anniversary folio celebrates the four decades of The Capilano Review's print publication with a selection of literary and visual work originally published in four TCR anniversary issues. Edited by Aurelea Mahood.

ti-TCR | 7

Cut to Screen: On Materiality and Electronic Texts edited by Aurelea Mahood and Andrew Klobucar

ti-TCR | 8

The N.E. Thing Co., Ltd.: An Act of Retro-Aesthetics edited by Jenny Penberthy

ti-TCR | 9

A companion to the TCR Languages issue (3.23) edited by Jenny Penberthy

ti-TCR | 10

Bowering's Books a companion to TCR 3.24 edited by Aurelea Mahood

ti-TCR | 11

Urgency and Response edited by Brook Houglum and Daniel Zomparelli

ti-TCR | 12

Revisiting Roy Kiyooka's Pacific Windows edited by Brook Houglum

ti-TCR | 13

For Jamie Reid (1941-2015) edited by Andrea Actis

ti-TCR | 14

Stuff edited by Matea Kulić

ti-TCR | 15

This Eye to Eye issue of ti-TCR complements TCR 3.29.

ti-TCR | 16

An issue on Maxine Gadd edited by Catriona Strang



Princess by Tim Terhaar


prison industrial complex explodes by Mercedes Eng


Clearance Process by Jordan Scott (with an audio composition by Jason Starnes)


Fables of a Bunk Future by Michael Loncaric, Michelle Helene Mackenzie and Justin Patterson

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