ti-TCR is a web folio published by The Capilano Review.

SMALL CAPS is a multimedia chapbook series published by The Capilano Review.


ti-TCR | 1

George Stanley: Selected TCR Poems

ti-TCR | 3

ti-TCR number three | winter 2012 features work by Al Neil and Carol Itter reprinted from TCR 2.1 (Fall 1989).

ti-TCR | 4

Tom Cone: Words for Music edited by Jenny Penberthy

ti-TCR | 5

"Everything is Deep Enough" | Pierre Coupey at Seventy edited by Aurelea Mahood

ti-TCR | 40th Anniversary Folio

ti-TCR's 40th anniversary folio celebrates the four decades of The Capilano Review's print publication with a selection of literary and visual work originally published in four TCR anniversary issues. Edited by Aurelea Mahood.

ti-TCR | 6

In Response to the Narrative Issue (TCR 3.19) edited by Aurelea Mahood

ti-TCR | 7

Cut to Screen: On Materiality and Electronic Texts edited by Aurelea Mahood and Andrew Klobucar

ti-TCR | 8

The N.E. Thing Co., Ltd.: An Act of Retro-Aesthetics edited by Jenny Penberthy

ti-TCR | 9

A companion to the TCR Languages issue (3.23) edited by Jenny Penberthy

ti-TCR | 10

Bowering's Books a companion to TCR 3.24 edited by Aurelea Mahood

ti-TCR | 11

Urgency and Response edited by Brook Houglum and Daniel Zomparelli

ti-TCR | 12

Revisiting Roy Kiyooka's Pacific Windows edited by Brook Houglum

ti-TCR | 13

ti-TCR | 14

Stuff edited by Matea Kulić

ti-TCR | 15

This Eye to Eye issue of ti-TCR complements TCR 3.29.

ti-TCR | 16

An issue on Maxine Gadd edited by Catriona Strang

ti-TCR | 17

"Translate and Transform"



Princess by Tim Terhaar


prison industrial complex explodes by Mercedes Eng


Clearance Process by Jordan Scott (with an audio composition by Jason Starnes)


Fables of a Bunk Future by Michael Loncaric, Michelle Helene Mackenzie and Justin Patterson

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