Issue 4.2: IT IS WHAT IT IS (Print)




Pre-order (Issue expected to be published in April 2024)



Issue 4.2: IT IS WHAT IT IS (Spring 2024) Features new poetry and prose by Dani Carter, Ashton Diduck, River Halen, Henry Heavyshield, Irum, Woojae Kim, Alice Notley, Gerry Shikitani, and Yoon Sook Cha; a conversation between Fred Wah and Jastej Luddu on finding an unpublished poem within the archive; an artist project by Benjamin de Boer, SK Maston, and Ami Xherro; an interview between Alice Notley and Deanna Fong; and an image folio of artworks by Derya Akay, Jonathan Alfaro, Marvin Luvualu António, Tiziana La Melia, Elizabeth McIntosh, and Tania Willard.

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