Issue 3.24

Fall 2014: Bowering’s Books

Editor: Jenny Penberthy

Bowering’s Books is a special issue on George Bowering. Read Colin Browne’s conversation with Bowering about the 50 titles he would stock a library with, architect Sacha Milojevic’s design for a George Bowering Reading Room, and contributions from Margaret Atwood, Fred Wah, Steve McCaffery, Daphne Marlatt, Meredith Quartermain, Kevin Killian, Karl Siegler, Miriam Nichols, Deanna Fong, and many more.

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Fred Miller, George and Roger Bowering c. 1950
Fred Miller, George and Roger Bowering c. 1950

George Bowering: The First Fifty

The Three-Ring Binders

A Shelf of Bowering's Books

Dreaming a Space for Books and Reading: Project for a George Bowering Library

Messing around with Sticks and Stones

The Day before the Chinese A-Bomb

George Bowering and The Gangs of Kosmos

Bowering's Books

Justice is a Woman: Reading Genève

George Bowering's Autobiology: A Boat

At War With (the U.S. Canada) EMPIRE

In Search of Plot (Deceased)

Snowballs in Hells: George Bowering's Allophanes

The Daughter Library

Home Port

On First Looking into Burning Water

George Bowering's British Columbia, Postmodern and Post-colonial

Burning Water (Indian, Indians)

George Bowering and the New American Poetry

George Bowering's Poetry as Cultural Poetics

Rummaging Through the Lost and Found of Kerrisdale Elegies



Bowering on-deck

Bowering's Fragments

The Art of (Re)collecting: Bowering and the London Scene

On Nuts and Other Editions: The Books in George Bowering's Study

George Bowering in Performance: Three Constellations

His Life: A Poem

My New Jodorowsky Script

Editing with George

Publishing George Bowering's Pinboy

The Other Side of Being Red

Untitled Excel Spreadsheet: An Acrostic for George Bowering

reviews George Stanley's North of California St.

reviews Ben Lerner's 10:04

reviews Margaux Williamson's I Could See Everything

on Artist Poetry and Poets Theatre

on Composer Residencies and Collaboration

reviews Ron Silliman's Against Conceptual Poetry

COVER: George and Roger Bowering c. 1950

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