Issue 3.22

Winter 2014

Editor: Jenny Penberthy

Sheila Heti interviewed by Thea Bowering; a story by Sheila Heti; Adam Frank’s scenario of a Gertrude Stein play with comments from Dorothy Chang about her accompanying score; artwork by Margaux Williamson, Ruth Scheuing, Lyndl Hall, and Deborah Koenker; poems by Cecilia Corrigan, Mark Goldstein, and Paul Nelson; and a section for Nancy Shaw featuring Nancy Shaw, Amy De’Ath, and Louis Cabri.

Print: $10


"a portrait of thinking": Sheila Heti and Thea Bowering on the phone

The Day the Weather Decided To Die

Poems for Alice from Medium Point Blues

GPS Tracks: technology, narratives, nature, and patterns

Introducing Radio Free Stein

Scenario for Gertrude Stein's "For the Country Entirely: A Play in Letters" (1916)

Composition and Collaboration: Music for Stein's "For the Country Entirely: A Play in Letters" (1916)

Edmund Husserl's Origin of Geometry: An Introduction

Point, Line, and Plane

from Titanic

Drawing the World / Le Monde

Reading/Writing for Nancy Shaw

from Torch Song

Security Cloak

Concealment and disclosure: Nancy Shaw's Scoptocratic

Making space for artist publishing

In defense of lost causes

A Space for Soft Fascination

Plusiers Montréal

A Change-ringing of the Mind

Careers Counselling

Cover: The Dreamer, oil on panel, 61 x 61 cm

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