Quarto 2: Moyra Davey & Lisa Robertson



Sara Hutchinson’s Hand
Moyra Davey & Lisa Robertson


Sara Hutchinson’s Hand is a selective transcription from the notebooks of Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Though the poet permitted few others to open these deeply personal volumes, Sara Hutchinson, STC’s beloved, sometimes copied into them passages or pages from other texts for his reference. He may have requested that she do so, as she at times wrote out his poems for intimate circulation. In rare instances in her entries, she added to or supplemented the cited texts. Here, the index from a botanical handbook of common British plants and a fragment from the sermons of Jeremy Taylor, the seventeenth-century religious writer, receive Sara’s augmentations. The artists present only Sara’s additions to her transcriptions, from December 1800, retaining the punctuation, passage numbers, and foliation numbers as added in her turn by the notebooks’ editor and annotator Kathleen Coburn. This work is a negative image of Coleridge’s notebooks, containing none of his words, only the thinking of the two women, with the addition of Davey and Robertson’s own marks.


Design by Stephan Garneau. Photograph by Kathleen Coburn.


Offset lithograph on acid-free vellum
35.56 cm x 45.72 cm (unfolded)
Numbered edition of 100
$150 CAD (unframed)


About the Artists

Moyra Davey is an artist and writer living in New York.

Lisa Robertson is a poet living in France.


About the Quarto Series

The Quarto Series furthers the magazine’s long history of experimentation across image and text by inviting, for each iteration, an artist and poet duo to collaborate on a new print work. Each edition is offset-printed on a single 14 x 18-inch sheet, then folded into quarters and enclosed in a special Quarto Series envelope. Proceeds go towards supporting TCR’s ongoing work as a vital platform for experimentation in writing and art.