Issue 3.25

Winter 2015

Editor: Brook Houglum

Soma Feldmar’s conversation with Robin Blaser; a “Rhythm Party” folio curated by Aisha Sasha John and Liz Howard that investigates the poetics of hospitality and includes the work of Lisa Robertson, Orlando Reade, Mat Laporte, and many more; Gordon Smith’s black and white paintings; Wayne Ngan’s ceramics; Erdem Tasdelen’s visual investigations of left-handedness; and performance documentation by Tiziana La Melia; plus new poems by Nicole Markotic, Jake Pam Dick, Elee Kraljii Gardiner, Broc Rossell, and much more.

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A Conversation on Writing with Robin Blaser

Four Poems

Black and White Works

Gordon Smith's Black and White Works: Site, Sight, and Afterimage

from LENS (a translit), excerpts from Translitor's Metaword

LOT: Performance Documentation

Borderblur: the Grief Window

The Cultural Goat Mega City Continued To Thrive

Menu Lyrique

Desire: an Etude

An Incident

Mime Other

"prosody of the citizen"


The Rhythmic Course: A Trajectory in Four Movements

The Hospitality of Ambivalence

Notes on Erdem Tasdelen's A Petition of the Left Hand

from A Petition of the Left Hand

from PRE-fixings

The Invisible Social Traces of Objects: Wayne Ngan's Ceramic Vessels

Selected Works


on u // for u // to u

reviews Rachel Zolf's Janey's Arcadia

reviews Henri Lefebvre's The Missing Pieces

reviews Catriona Strang's Corked

on the Oslo International Poetry Festival

Cover: Thought Column for Joan Dark the Saint, 2013-14, dye sublimation print on polyesther faile. Photo: Toni Hafkenscheid

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