Quarto 3: Billy-Ray Belcourt & Charlene Vickers



I Am Constantly Astonished
Billy-Ray Belcourt & Charlene Vickers


A collaboration of image and text, Billy-Ray Belcourt and Charlene Vickers’s I Am Constantly Astonished encompasses a series of enigmatic and quotidian statements of resistance and survivance. Their art and writing act as beacons to illuminate, shield, delineate, protect, expose seams, bring together, heal, align, situate commonalities, and evoke futurity.


Offset lithograph on acid-free vellum
35.56 cm x 45.72 cm (unfolded)
Numbered edition of 100
$150 CAD (unframed)


About the Artists

Billy-Ray Belcourt is from the Driftpile Cree Nation in northwest Alberta. He lives in Vancouver, where he is an Assistant Professor in the School of Creative Writing at UBC. His books are This Wound is a WorldNDN Coping MechanismsA History of My Brief Body, and A Minor Chorus.

Charlene Vickers is a multidisciplinary urban Anishinabe Kwe artist based in Vancouver, BC. Her painting, sculpture, and performance practice focuses on colour, healing, land, Indigenous presence, and embodied connection to her birthplace. She is also a bass player and art educator. Recent solo exhibitions have been held at NADA, New York; USask Art Galleries, Saskatoon; and the Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver.


About the Quarto Series

The Quarto Series furthers the magazine’s long history of experimentation across image and text by inviting, for each iteration, an artist and poet duo to collaborate on a new print work. Each edition is offset-printed on a single 14 x 18-inch sheet, then folded into quarters and enclosed in a special Quarto Series envelope. Proceeds go towards supporting TCR’s ongoing work as a vital platform for experimentation in writing and art.