On Ritual: ti-TCR 19 Call for Submissions

TCR Editors seek submissions by writers and artists that reflect on and embody the notion of the ritual for our upcoming ti-TCR 19, a web folio


Much like waking slowly from a dream, our eyes partially opened, and that blurriness in front of us is where we can take the point of transitioning from one state of awareness to another and pivot the experience beyond transition to one of transformation. We only need our will to seize the moment! The transmutation of molecules is never far from the transfiguration of the soul; they seem to synchronise their dance.

– CAConrad, from On Occult poetics and (Som)atic Rituals


A gradient orange to purple background highlights an image of a small cauldron sitting on a log in front of a beach sunset.
Photo Credit: Hari Alluri


A ritual is a sequence of actions, gestures, thoughts, intentions, habits; it can be performed publicly or privately, revolve around the sublime or mundane, operate as an act of alchemical magic, or encompass the everyday banal. Continuing the conversation started in ti-TCR 18: New Physicalities, which considered distance and “staying in touch,” our forthcoming ti-TCR 19 will consider the lingering effects of the pandemic lockdowns and ask if the rituals you’ve formed during the past year have enduring power.

How have apprehension and ease reinforced what you believe to be a sacred act? Have you become more (or less) in tune with your body and its surroundings? More intentional with your practice? How do you imagine these small rituals carrying over into your life as we move toward a reopening and reunion with friends and loved ones?

On Ritual:
Call for Submissions Guidelines

Length: 6-page maximum submission / 450 words maximum per page. Please provide your submission in a word doc file. If you have a specific vision in terms of layout, please include a PDF as a layout guide. Visual art can be submitted up to 6 pages maximum in a single PDF. If accepted, original JPEGs or TIFFs will need to be provided. Audio works can be submitted as MP3 files, with a maximum length of 5 minutes. 

Form: Your work may manifest as poems, prose, images, or a combination of forms. As always, we’re keen to receive experimental work that combines and plays with genre and image. If your work needs additional context, please ensure it is included at the end of your submission.

Cost of Submission Fee: Free to submit. Support TCR in the form of purchasing a subscription, or a one-time or monthly donation is also appreciated if this is in your means.

Contributor Fee: Selected entries will be paid $50 upon publication in our web folio.

Submit your work via Submittable here.


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