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Dear friend of TCR,

The Capilano Review is accustomed to life on the edge. Artistically and intellectually it’s where we want to be, but it makes for a precarious existence.

Even so, since re-locating and establishing ourselves at the Arts Factory downtown, we’ve increased the number of community events we host – readings, talks, and workshops – while publishing our time-honoured (46 years!) three print issues per year along with three complementary/complimentary issues of ti-TCR: a web folio, and planning upcoming issues and events that inhabit and reflect on our challenging times.

We know what it is to feel both deeply skeptical and stubbornly optimistic about our enterprise – assembling pieces into shapes that aspire to be wholes – and about what it means to keep trying to do this with art, of all things.

We know that a publication like ours isn't everything . . . but we believe that it is something. 

Your support as a contributor, subscriber, and donor has sustained the magazine and its employees through its transition from the shelter of Capilano University to the rigours of life as a solo literary and art venture. As we enter our third year as a not-for-profit, independent magazine, we need your help again. Grants plus subscription sales won’t cover our basic costs in the coming year, which includes our ongoing commitment to paying contributors, guest editors, speakers, and interns.

So we appeal to you to help us remain alive, active, and vigilant by making your charitable donation here. Donors who give $50 or more will receive a donation receipt for a charitable tax deduction. 

Help us continue to sustain both you and ourselves, and to resist in small but important ways.

All of us at The Capilano Review thank you for your support.

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