Issue 3.13

Winter 2011: Manifestos Now!

Editors: Brian Ganter and Jenny Penberthy

Manifestos from Christian Bök, Steve McCaffery, Kim Minkus, Jeff Derksen, derek beaulieu, and others. Manifesto fiction by Marie-Hélène Tessier. Artists Sabine Bitter & Helmut Weber present visual manifestos. Margot Leigh Butler and UBC Humanities 101 tell us what Downtown Eastsiders Want.


Preface: Manifesto, Unremitting

Rise Above History: A Manifesto for More Manifestos

Flarf, Arf, Arf, Arf!

manifesto of the provisional avant-garde

The Georgia Straight Manifesto

Plains and Straights: On the Founding Manifesto of the Georgia Straight


Dear Brian, and Verb List Compilations 1967-8 & 2010

Poetry & Unanimous Feelings (translated by Louis Cabri)

Maxims for Assisting Afghanistan

TiC PoP PoP TiC: The Timeless Pupil of the Eye

Revolutionary Critical Pedagogy for a Socialist Society: A Manifesto

What Do Downtown Eastsiders Want?

A Manifesto for Triplicity

Pluralist Music Composition, a Manifesto


Givenness and the Word of the Creature

Of Language: A Lesson from Brother So-and-So


The Long Moment

26 Statements on poetry

Return to Spectacle: A Cinemanifesto

"Our Bodies Feel Struggle": Loving / Hating the Symptom In Tiqqun and The Invisible Committee

A Capillary Manifesto

A Rhythm Party Manifesto (translated by Lisa Robertson and Avra Spector)

"Freedom of Chickens" Manifesto

Manifesto to Contest the Manifesto Contest

COVER: Super Students #1, "The Board's action showed more concern about our image than the rights and academic freedom on which this university was founded" (Student society president Stan Wong, March 1967), 2010

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