Issue 3.05

Spring 2008: The Sharon Thesen Issue

Editor: Jenny Penberthy

Daphne Marlatt interviews Sharon Thesen. Essays by Colin Browne, Ted Byrne, Andrew Klobucar, and others. Poems by George Bowering, Roo Borson, Robin Blaser, and others.

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"masquerading as simple description": A Conversation with Sharon Thesen

"alive and watching": Sharon Thesen and the Eighth Type of Ambiguity

Just an Apple

A Chaise for Sharon

Nechako Spring Morning

Sharon Thesen: Poem in Memory, and growing up there

"How much of Heaven has gone from Earth?": Sharon Thesen's "The Good Bacteria" suite

from the Benjamin Sonnets

PS I Adore You

Aristaeus Mourning the Loss of His Bees

For Sharon

Photographs & Manuscripts

Two Angels for Sharon

Why Sharon Thesen Doesn't Win Poetry Prizes

Two Poems for Sharon

The Yellow Chair

Report from the Savage Fields: Sharon Thesen's "The Fire"

She Who Destroys Light: Sharon Thesen's The Good Bacteria and the Organic Imagination

As Above, So Below: Parallax in Sharon Thesen's The Good Bacteria

Sunday Morning, Making a Break, September

Charles Olson's First Poem

Prince George Core (Part 2: unfinished notes)

Your Own Heart a Satire

You Just Let Her Dance There

Canine Kin: Sharon Thesen's "Animals"

The Dogs of Dirk Bogarde

ReVerb & Echo

purse, porch, light

"margarine in the aisles of hope": towards a thinking about Sharon Thesen's writings

After Akhmatova

The Urging Surface

Petulant Sonnet for Sharon

Selected Poem

Cover: Early MS for "Biography" Thesen Archive, Contemporary Literature Collection, Simon Fraser University

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