Issue 3.09

Fall 2009

Editor: Jenny Penberthy

Remembering Robin Blaser (1925-2009). An Interview with Ralph Maud about Charles Olson; an interview with Ellen Tallman. An excerpt from Robert Duncan’s The H.D. Book, Book Three, intro by Victor Coleman and Michael Boughn. Peter Quartermain’s intro to Robert Duncan’s Early Poems.

Print: $10


Remembering Robin Blaser


Suddenly -- the score

'on a certain seam of invisible universe': An Interview with Ralph Maud


An Ode and a Short Story

Disturbing Poetry: Robert Duncan’s Early Poems

from the Introduction to The H.D. Book

from The H.D. Book, Book Three

“overturning the furniture”: A Conversation with Ellen Tallman


from branding the species

Two Poems

Cover: Photograph of Robin Blaser at Mike's Pool Hall, San Francisco, April 1965

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