Issue 1.8&9

Fall 1975


Interviews with N.E. Thing Co – Iain and Ingrid Baxter, co-presidents of N.E. Thing Co;
with bpNichol; and with Sheila Watson following her reading at Cap.

Writing by Lewis Ellingham, Jack Spicer, Robin Blaser, Robert Duncan, Maxine Gadd, Penny Chambers, Chris Dewdney, and others.

A companion to this issue, ti-TCR 8, is available here.

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Out of Metric

Ada's Desire

The Outing


The More Little Mummy in the World

The Sewn Picture

A Film Script with Journal Entries & a Note

Portrait of an Artist as a Dinner Table

N.E. Thing Company Section

Mr. Peanut for Mayors

Playing the Stars

Painting the Lion from a Claw

Easter Sunday

Three Poems

Three Poems

Two Poems

Two Poems

Four Poems

Flemish Proverbs

Water Colours

First Snow Storm: Han-Shan

Two Poems

Symphony #5 in C# Minor, Adagio


Six Poems

Three Poems

Two Poems

Three Poems

Garbage Nite: Seven Less Poems

fromThe Wounded Laurel

Three Poems

Three Poems

(Passages) Empedoklean Reveries

fromThe Martyrology

Boot-Case Drawings

An Interview with bp Nichol

Foothills Journal

COVER: Mother & Children Sardis, B.C.

An Interview with Sheila Watson

The Search for the True Cedar

Keeping the Green

Three Sculptures

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