Taiga Chiba

TAIGA CHIBA. "I was surrounded by ancestors' spirits at home and many gods and goddesses in Shintoh shrines when I was a child in Shizuoka, Japan." Since moving to Canada in 1981, Taiga Chiba has produced his works at Concordia University, Montreal; San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico; Nunavut Arctic College Print Studio, N.W.T; Yuba Studio, Sao Paulo, Brazil; Bharal Bhavan Graphic Studio, India; Dundarave Print Workshop, Malaspina Printmakers Studio, and Capilano College Printmaking Studio in Greater Vancouver. Since Septemeber 2000, Taiga has been working at S.N.A.P. (Society of Northern Alberta Print-Artists) Studio in Edmonton, Alberta.

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