Beverley Simons

BEVERLEY SIMONS says, "it's a very lonely business writing on the West Coast in a form which does not communicate until there is a whole community who can interpret what you are doing . . . It's frustrating to work in film and theatre and just file the manuscripts away." She is one of the best but most underproduced playwrights in Canada, and is very productive. Best known for her play Crabdance (Talonbooks) and minor masterpieces like Preparing (The Capilano Review No. 6 & Talonbooks), Beverley has just had "the most inspirational year" of her life during which she wrote Leela Means To Play. This long and innovative play was featured as a Special Issue of The Canadian Theatre Review along with an interview and critiques. Her three major film scripts commissioned by the NFB have yet to be produced. She is currently working in prose.

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