Issue 4.1: Anti-Monuments (Print)


(Print edition)


Featuring new poetry and prose by Judith Copithorne, Rhys Edwards, Tawhida Tanya Evanson, Kaie Kellough, Danielle LaFrance, D.S. Marriott, Tracie Morris, and Samantha Marie Nock; an artist project by and accompanying interview with Maggie Groat; a special section on the work of Hope Anderson (including an introduction by Jenny Penberthy, a conversation with Wayde Compton, and poems by Hope Anderson, both old and new); a 1975 conversation between Roy Kiyooka and Gladys Maria Hindmarch on friendship, faith, and pain; and an image folio of works by Qian Cheng, Aubin Soonhwan Kwon, Jenine Marsh, Eunice Luk, and Cadence Planthara, with a poetic response by Zoe Imani Sharpe, meditating on slowness and craft.


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