Issue 3.50: In(ter)ventions in the Archive (Print)



(Print edition)

Featuring a striking cover designed for the issue by artist Marisa Kriangwiwat Holmes, In(ter)ventions on the Archive features new poetry by Ashley-Elizabeth Best, D.M. Bradford, Carrie Hunter, Anna Navarro, Julia Polyck O’Neill, Carlos A. Pittella, concetta principe, and Jane Shi; a feature interview with and accompanying artist project by Nour Bishouty exploring fissures in memory and landscape; Liz Howard’s poetic response to the 1986 “Native Women” issue of Fireweed (with afterword by Felicity Taylor); a conversation between bill bissett and Mathieu Aubin on Vancouver’s 1979 Writing in Our Time series; an artist project by Marisa Kriangwiwat Holmes, with accompanying essay by Emile Rubino, on “listening” to images; and critical writing, transcripts, and prompts reflecting two events recorded in The Capilano Review’s audio-visual archives: a 1982 poetry seminar with bpNichol, George Bowering, and Daphne Marlatt at Simon Fraser University; and a lecture by Judy Radul at Capilano College in 1992.


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