Issue 1.33

1984 / 1.33

Issue 1.33  Jack Chambers Films

Guest edited by Tom Graff. Issue 1.33 is the companion publication to the Jack Chambers Film Retrospective, curated by Tom Graff for Pacific Cinemateque Pacifique of Vancouver.

Ian MacEarhem, Detail of the Hart of London
Ian MacEarhem, Detail of the Hart of London

Storyboard notes (facsimile)

Letter to Daryl Duke

Storyboard notes (facsimile)

Film clips: Mosaic

Toronto-London: One Way Gray Coach Lines

Storyboard notes (facsimile)

Early notes for The Hart of London

Notes: sounding off in CAPITAL LETTERS

Film clip: Mosaic

Film clip: Hybrid

Film clip: R 34

Film clip: Circle

Film clip: The Hart of London

Letter to Olga (excerpt: facsimile & translation)

Letter from Stan Brakhage to Jack Chambers (facsimile)

Letter from Stan Brakhage to Edith (facsimile)

Letter to Simon (excerpt)

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