Issue 2.47

Fall 2005: Six Cities

Editor: Jenny Penberthy

Writing from Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, New York, Minneapolis/St. Paul, and San Francisco.

Print: $10

Tim Davis, New York "Unphotographable Object #5" Colour photograph 14" x 11"
Tim Davis, New York "Unphotographable Object #5" Colour photograph 14" x 11"



A City Called Capital

from Greenstone Cove

Search String

from Surplus

from Mediated

from Field Guide

from Fantasies in Permeable Structures

from Robots Versus Wolves

from Saint Ampede, Cowboy Poetry and the Greatest Show on Earth

jogging ice and asphalt

from My City is Ancient and Famous

from Red City Blues


This is/American and Strange


Frame IX: Quebec City


List of Illustrations

from Somatica

Explanatory Gap

from Troubled

from Wide slumber for lepidopterists

Sherry-Mary's Phonic Lichen

From The Block Party

from Armies of Compassion

the imitation and the genuine

from A Reading: ". . . The Beautiful"

Last Winter

So Apes the Grid of Recognition

Prince Valiant

from Hounds by Alli Warren

The Squad and I Ski and Swan

And It's Still

9 Elche: Artist Statement

COVER: New York "Unphotographable Object #5" Colour photograph 14" x 11"

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