From the Archives / On Anniversaries

As we gear up for the publication of the second of three 50th anniversary issues, we’ve been thinking about the different ways in which TCR has considered and commemorated its history throughout the years. This month’s selections from the archive offer a snapshot of TCR‘s 20th, 30th, and 40th anniversary issues. In “Capilano at Twenty,” Susan Crean explains the growth of Canadian writing and publishing while speaking frankly about the different challenges facing artists and the literary community; former TCR editor Ryan Knighton’s poems are wonderfully humorous and evocative, a lively assemblage of half-remembered musings and experiences; and a collection of art and photography from our 40th anniversary issue features work from eight artists, including Jin-me Yoon, Charlene Vickers, Christos Dikeakos, and Pierre Coupey

Susan Crean / Capilano at Twenty

From Issue 2.10 (Spring 1993)

This, I think, is where you and I and The Capilano Review came in twenty years ago. On our own. Writing then was a passionate occupation and a risky business. The quintessential free enterprise and vertically integrated activity in which the writer perforce acts as inventor, investor, and bank. It is still that way today, and just as precarious.

Ryan Knighton / Four Poems

From Issue 2.37 (Spring 2002)

Hurried with George from the union meeting past our library Virginia Woolf crouches between us with her scissors, our minds domed in toques & Liberal cutbacks, how they hang from the campus trees.

Jin-me Yoon, Charlene Vickers, Alex Morrison, Christos Dikeakos, Jasmine Reimer, Liz Magor, James Nizam, Pierre Coupey / TCR Artists: A 40th Anniversary Portfolio

From Issue 3.17 (Spring 2012)

Our 50th Anniversary “From the Archives” series is headed by associate editor Jastej Luddu and supported by a BC Arts Council Early Career Development Grant.

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