Is the single piece of Hope I have left that you are still here and I am not alone. And then I remember something you taught me: everything happens for a reason. 

Comes softly creeping and I want to scream, “Creator, how can you do this to me?” Until I find the courage to let go of blame and face the pain that’s hiding within.

Instead of praying, asking why a light like you was taken instead of anyone else. And then I realize that someone as supernatural as you belongs with the ancestors. 

Comes quickly like the darkness in Winter and life doesn’t feel worth living without you. But then I find the strength to shine even when the hurt is closing in around me. 

Reminds me how heartbreakingly beautiful it is to have anyone to grieve at all. Because you filled the world with so much of you and that magic will last forever.  

*Salige’ is the Kwak’wala word for mourning.

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